Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Coin collecting, silver proofs, and Black & Decker tools

When I began collecting the coins for my 20th Century type set, I thought, "What a good starter set. It'll take me a few months to complete, six months tops, and then I can move on to the next set." Not so much.

I found the Bicentennial Silver Proof set I bought just before I became a dad and tucked away my hobby. Since I've got an aggressive case of coin fever, I decided to open it up and make it a part of my Type Set.

I'm sorry about the poor picture quality. I take all my photos with my crappy quasi-smart phone.
So, the question becomes, "How to remove these three from their protective plastic capsules?"
Luckily, I have an answer.
That's right! I am going to turn loose the Black & Decker tool kit. I've cracked out slabbed coins before, that is tricky and the slabs are rather large in comparison to these capsules. I'm thinking this is will take soft hands and patience.
Success! It took about twenty minutes of work with a pair of wire cutters. I have to warn anyone trying to do this, BE CAREFUL! All it takes is one slip and you've damaged the coin within. Everyone un-encapsulates and cracks out coins at their own risk. I am happy to report Messieurs Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Washington are quite happy in their new home.

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