Sunday, February 21, 2016

Coin collecting and photos - Numismatic photography

I wanted to take better photos of my coin collection to share with my new numismatic pals. So, last night, I borrowed my wife's camera and set to work. The following train wreck is the result.

 Attempt One.
You will notice the Liberty Nickel blasted the flash back at the
camera. Also, in my infinite wisdom,
I thought the page beneath
would look fine. It did not.
 Attempt Two.
Blaming the flash for the first picture's hideousness, I turned it
off and snapped a photo of the second page. Who knew it would
go all sepia on me? I quit for the night after this photo.
Attempt Three.
Resuming my adventure in photography this morning, I put the album
 pages next to our sliding glass doors to allow for plenty of natural light.
Unfortunately, this washed out all signs of life on the nickels.
Zero luster, specifically on the Buffalo and silver Jefferson.
Not too bad. The Jefferson nickel is reflecting a lot of light. On
the whole, I was OK with this one. With a surge of confidence, I barreled
forward with the eager gusto of a class-A moron.
Attempt Four.
Behold! The grey nickels of the Bailey collection. Ugh!
Attempt Five.
Ever wonder just how mirror-like the field of a proof coin is?
Here is you answer. It is mirror-like enough to see the camera
taking the photo and fool the camera's auto-focus into ignoring
the relief and focusing on the reflected image of the camera. FML
Attempt Six.
I'm not a fan of the "luster ring" around Lady Liberty, but the photo
isn't too bad. The bottom third of the coin is too dark.
Attempt Seven.
The wing detail on the back of the Morgan looks pretty good; the two
other coins butting into the photo do not.
For every picture I posted here, there are about five that I did not. Some were completely blurry, others were blown out by the flash or reflected natural light, and the rest were representative of the problems illustrated above.
So, if anyone reading this would like to offer me a few pointers, I am all ears.
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