Thursday, March 24, 2016

Elvis Presley, the U.S. Army, and collecting commemorative coins

58 years ago today, Elvis Presley joined the U.S. Army.

If you're saying to yourself, "But I thought this was a blog about coins," sit tight, I'll swing things back in that direction.

Imagine if the same sort of scenario played out today. Can you imagine a 20-something pop star not trying to worm their way out of service? Me either. That's why Elvis was and is The King.

Now, on to some coin talk.
The King of Rock 'n' Roll's image has graced (slight pun intended) many coins and medals, as well as stamps, plates, lunchboxes, movie posters, Zippo lighters, and anything else one may wish to collect.

There is an overlap between Elvis fans and coin collectors (many people are both) because of the amount of material available. A quick search of Ebay turned up these results. You will find coins in silver, gold, colorized versions, commemorative medals, and even a specialized album specifically for Elvis coins.

I have brought up Elvis and his mesmerizing persona and popularity to illustrate a point; you can collect whatever you want. I will often suggest a coin series or set to collect, but you should never feel pressured to collect any one thing. After all, what's the point of collecting if not for the enjoyment? There is a word for collecting without enjoyment, hoarding. There is also a word for collecting with the hope of monetary gain, investing. From sun up to sun down and all the hour between, collecting should bring you pleasure.

For instance, I am a football fan. There are silver coins issued for every Super Bowl. Today, I do not own a single one, but that is a set I plan to tackle (I'm full of puns today!) in the near future. Perhaps, once I complete the 20th Century Type Set.

I want to keep this short, so I will leave you with one thought:

Elvis coins, as well as U.S. military coins, are incredibly popular and highly collectible, but make sure whatever you collect has value to you and makes you happy.

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