Saturday, March 26, 2016

Coin Collecting and History: South Carolina

OTD: In 1776, South Carolina pre-empted the Continental Congress by approving its own constitution almost four months before the Declaration of Independence.

240 years ago today South Carolina approved their own constitution. Fun fact, it actually took a month before the people of South Carolina heard about the July 4th Declaration. Word traveled slow with no phone, radio, or internet. These days, it would take about five seconds and the following would be trending:


But, getting back to the Palmetto state. Many of the symbols of South Carolina include an image of the small palm tree. These symbols include; the state flag, state seal, and state quarter.

State Quarter - South Carolina
Are you wondering what South Carolina's obsession is with palmettos? It turns out, during the Revolution the palmetto trees played a key roll in the colonial victory at the Battle of Sullivan's Island. The little palms' wood is incredibly flexible, even cushiony. As the British bombarded Fort Moutlie, which was constructed of palmetto logs, the wood absorbed the force of the cannonballs and remained intact.
Because the British naval bombardment failed, a successful amphibious landing was out of the question. In addition, the Continental Army carefully returned fire from behind their spongy walls, decimating the British forces. 
The next time you find a South Carolina state quarter in your change, whether you pass the preceding story along or not, maybe take a moment to appreciate that little bit of history.

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