Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Can They Count?

I saw a tweet tonight from Coin World that the U.S. Mint has 9,000 gold Mercury dimes left over.

Quick question, what in the.... (ahem) heck goes on at the Mint that they can not get production and total allowable order numbers to coincide?

They know how many coins were minted. If they don't, the Mint needs to revamp their processes with some "new" tech. The word new is in quotes because the technology needed to accurately count units (be it golf balls, micro chips, coins, or Buicks) has been around for decades. There are systems that can count bottles of soda moving along a bottling-line at 30mph, or that can detect mal-formed potato chips with a laser beam and blast them off the production line with a puff of air. There is no reason the Mint can not get an accurate production count.

Once they have the production count, it is not difficult to accurately limit the number of units available for sale. Maybe operate with a tolerance of 500 units to allow for the intangibles that can go wrong (lost orders etc.).

I'm going to be saying this a lot, so listen up: Tech can help the hobby.

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