Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sorted the wheats

Top row from left to right are teens, twenties and thirties. P,D,& S mints of all decades. There were 1909 and 1909 VDB, they are with the teens.

Bottom row from left to right are steels, forties, fifties, and AU/BU. There were a good amount of BU steel. Most of the copper BU are from the fifties.

Rough estimates of counts:

Teens - 200
Twenties - 250
Thirties - 500
Forties - 500
Fifties - 400
Steel - 100
AU/BU - 50

Those are approximations because I don't feel like counting all 2000 coins.

Here are some highlights:


BU Steel

Very nice 1909 VDBs

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