Monday, March 13, 2017


Steve Carell on leaving The Office "This is going to hurt like a m*ther f*cker."

I've been in a numismatic funk lately. You may have noticed the blog posts aren't coming quite so frequent as they used to, and when they do, they are lackluster (pun intended). I have considered trying to sell to someone, most likely a coin store that wanted to get some original content on their site. I've also considered simply walking away and leaving the site to dwindle and die. It is difficult and draining to constantly create new articles all on your own. (Special thanks to past contributors: Tim Stroud, Daniel Malone, and Chris Ireland.) I'm just one man with a wife, kid, mortgage, bills, and a demanding full time job. I'm tired guys. I'm just tired.

What am I supposed to do? began as a pet project a little over a year ago but now it eats up most of my free time. Until you create a platform, it is impossible to know how much thought and time goes into something like this. I just wanted to share my attempt to build a nice looking 20th Century Type Set. Now I have this multi-headed hydra of a social media platform.

I've spoken with a couple people, whose opinions I value, about giving the blog up and they both had the same reaction. Sad surprise. While neither said it, it was apparent that they didn't want me to quit. One, Tim Rathjen, who I have written about and who created the team that is building the coin recognition, grading, and valuation app Lookzee, had few words, which is odd for him. The other, an editor at Whitman, offered some ideas to get over the hump and encouragement. They're good people and I'm lucky to know them.

I have thought a lot about it since asking my friends for their input. And here is what I've come up with: I can't sell the blog and I can't just up and quit. is my baby and a man doesn't abandon his baby. Also, men really shouldn't sell their kids. That's messed up.

I'm not sure I can simply continue writing short articles about whatever numismatic topics pique my interest, either. So, here is what's going to happen. I'm taking some time away from to write a numismatic book. It is something I've wanted to do since before I started this blog, and with all of your help, attention, and encouragement, it is something I feel I can do and do well.

If you are reading this, I'm guessing you have a rough concept of my perspective on numismatics and my style of writing. Now, take that perspective and style and shoot it full of the race horse steroid Winstrol. For good measure, let's give the perspective and style a mountain of cocaine. I'm talking enough coke to make Tony Montana blush. Also, let's make the perspective and style a robot ninja riding a velociraptor. That is the concept for my coin book.

I haven't begun outlining, let alone writing, it yet. Pursuing the book is a decision I made earlier today. It is very new. I will post updates (and probably some snippets, because I have severe impulse control issues) as I work.

This means I will not be blogging much and will have to ease off social media, too. My plan, on the advise of my friend, is to share coin related articles from time to time that I find interesting and perhaps offer a little commentary on them. If something strikes me as blog-worthy, I will absolutely write it. But that is a big IF.

Rest assured, the blog is not going anywhere and neither am I. That being said, if you want to contribute an article, please let me know by using the Contact Form on the right. And please wish me luck as I write a roided up, coked out, velociraptor riding robot ninja of a coin book.

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Joe Cupp said...

Good luck with the book! I just started to read the blog, but i'm enjoying it.