Wednesday, April 19, 2017


On 3/13/17 I announced that I was going to be spending a bulk of my time working on a numismatic book. Since then a couple of interesting things have happened. I've had conversations with two coin dealers interested in purchasing ad space on the site. One of those dealers is a friend who took a not-so-friendly tone when I asked a question about moving their ad below the other dealer's. I didn't do it, I simply asked if they would be okay with it. My friend had dibs on the spot in question, but I had to test the waters out of respect for the 2nd advertiser. I informed the 2nd advertiser of this and they were fine with it. After all, dibs is dibs. However, they wanted the chance to "buy up" to a higher ad placement later. That means a fight in the future.

Money can bring out the worst in people.

So, in true Talleyrand fashion, I am, "Setting the house ablaze in order to save it from the plague."

I'm done with thecoinblog. It's not worth the hassle. Hobbies should be fun and this one is beginning to suck.

I'll convert the Facebook page and Twitter account to align with the book. It will be called, "Not Your Granddad's Coin Book." (Yeah, the book is still happening! I forgot to mention that above.)

If I am struck with a particularly good idea for an article, I will submit it to another site to publish, most likely Coin Update. If I have an article that no one wants to publish (for instance, about dealers who scam people or anything remotely negative about TPGs - sue-happy bastards that they are) I will distribute it through the e-mail list. domain expires on 5/1/17.

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J. Money said...

Ack! Literally just started reading this blog the other day, haha... It's rare to find coin blogs with PERSONALITY and love how open and real you are. Even (especially!) in this post :)

Just wanted to stop by and share, for what it's worth... Getting familiar with your other site (CoinZip) too and might have some collaboration ideas for ya if you enjoy that type of stuff.

Good luck with it all, either way! The title of your new book is hilarious and spot on... Looking forward to picking it up :)