Want to Contribute?

I have asked many people to contribute to this site. Most of they reply, "I am no writer."

It is a misconception that you have to be a writer to write. It is the act of writing that makes you a writer. But that is just semantics.

Most coin collectors have opinions about our hobby. Whether it is things you don'the like, things you want to see happen, your collection, dream or bucket list coins, etc., opinions are out there. And, believe it or not, other collectors want to hear them. One can only read so much numismatic history and price guides before they need something fresh.

Do not, for the love of God, worry about whether you can write well. I can hobble through the process well enough to deliver a relatively coherent narrative and am willing to help anyone who wants to give it a serious try.

So, if you have any coin-related ideas you want to share, please get in touch. I'm eager to work with you.

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